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WD line

Cod. 9037

Range of gluing machines for the production of windows and doors.

For PVA glues only.

Description, features and benefits

WD line is designed to apply the exact amount of glue.

Easy dosing thanks to multiple adjustments, the glue exactly there… where you want it, only at the desired spot.

The ideal, necessary solution just before the clamp, it can be easily integrated into a production process for a better workflow.

Always ready to use, one-man operation, easy handling, clean gluing, no afterwards cleaning of the workpieces to remove and clean any glue excess.

Less waste and more precision.

Strong adhesion for strong assembling.

WD line gluing machines comprises models with 2 or more gluing heads, models with opposing heads, working both horizontally and vertically.

9037 gluing machine has 2 moving gluing heads, sliding on linear recirculating ball bearing guides, for accurate glue delivery on mortises and tenons.

Easy and efficient nozzles and glue injectors cleaning system.

Each project linked to each single gluing machine is, nevertheless, developed in relation to the profiles, shape and dimensions of the elements to be glued and the technical-production needs of each single customer.

Nozzles are always customized, made to measure, in relation to the wood sample supplied by the customer and therefore, being the exact counter-shape of the wood sample.

All the nozzles are interchangeable on each single gluing head.