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Cod. 9068A

Roller glue-spreading machine for glue application on flat and profile edges.

Description, features and benefits

Glue-spreading machine applying glue on flat and profile edges,
by means of glue injector and nozzle, with automatic feeder.

Automatic, fast, constant, accurate, clean glue application.

For flat and profile edges.

For PVA glues only.

One man operation.

Just before the clamp, you easily place clean glued wood in the press.

Lumber with different widths and different numbers are easily recognised by the machine control and reliably fed to the gluing station.

A number of adjustments are available in order to optimize the operation and quality of glue application.

It can be easily integrated in the production process and in support of other machines and presses, or as an independent stand-alone solution.

Efficient and economical production is more important than ever today.

Simple operation, clean gluing.mac