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A20 Range

Cod. 9021

Pressurized glue tank for PVA glues with 1 glue gun with adjustable glue flow and universal pointed nozzle.

Entirely made of stainless steel.

Glue capacity 20 kg.

Max pressure 5 bar.

Recommended viscosity
Brookfield viscosity from 3.000 to 15.000 mPa s, at an operating temperature of 20°C/68° F.


This system grants accurate adhesive dosing, the right adhesive quantity, in the correct area, covering precisely just the requested surface on any component and handwork.

The adhesive is dispensed by extrusion.

Each pressurized glue tank can be fitted with 1, 2 or 3 glue guns on which it is possible to connect a wide range of standard nozzles and also custom-made ones, all interchangeable on PIZZI glue guns.

All PIZZI pressurized glue tanks can be equipped with a wide range of standard accessories and nozzles to fullfil any specific needs and glue task. 

This system can be supplied without glue gun and hose (cod. 9020) and also, with a second type of glue gun with anatomic grip (cod. 9024).

The glue feeders of the A20 range must absolutely be used with the proper trolley (ref. no. 0157 or 0357).

cod. 0157 - Trolleys for glue feeders for A8/A5/A12/A20
cod. 0357 - Trolleys for glue feeders for A8/A5/A12/A20