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Cod. 1094

Professional pressurized glue-tanks, for glues and adhesives application by spraying, by atomizing the product to be used.

Entirely made of stainless steel.

Glue capacity 12 kg.

Max pressure 5 bar.

Glue specifications

Use only and exclusively low-medium viscosity adhesives, those which, according to each individual glue and adhesive manufacturer, can be easily sprayed with a spray gun, in relation to their specific product characteristics.

Recommended viscosity sprayable adhesives, low-medium viscosity.

The range of products that can be applied, in relation to different viscosities, is however wide and is easily managed using the different needle and nozzle kits available.

Working temperature: 20°C / 68°F.


High-quality stainless steel pressurized tanks designed and developed to apply glues and adhesives, by spraying, by atomizing the product to be used.

This system grants accurate adhesive dosing, the right adhesive quantity, in the correct area, covering precisely just the requested surface on any component and handwork.

The adhesive is dispensed by spray.

The system comprises a tank and cover with its handle, all in stainless steel (of high thickness) secured by 4 CE standard fastenings, a 4-metre, solvent resistant, twin-line hose air-adhesive and a spray gun, model 0196, with 1.8 nozzle.

Nozzle for SPRAYCOLL

cod. 0196 – Spry gun for SPRAYCOLL cod. 1094

1096 - spry gun for 1094