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Glue-spreading machine for 45 degrees joints and any other angles.

Description, features and benefits

Glue-spreading machine for 45° joints and any other angles, with adjustable supports, with variable angle to allow to work with different angles, wider or minor than 45°.

  • Glue flow/ quantity adjustment on the glue gun
  • Glue flow/ quantity adjustment on the nozzle
  • Easy adjustment of the nozzle position according to the shape and dimensions of the wood component to be glued
  • Metered gluing to adjust also the time of glue dosing by means of a pneumatic timer
  • Pedal control in order to have your hands totally free!

Easy and efficient nozzle wash-off system with pneumatic slide (on prismatic auto lubricated guide) by means of a control which brings down the nozzle in the specific basin.

No special need of nozzles cleaning, clean gluing, easy handling, no mess.

Once the nozzle is positioned in the stainless-steel basin, it is possible to start and operate the nozzle wash-off by means of a switch-button.

Easy and efficient nozzles and glue injectors cleaning system.

Nozzles are always customized, made to measure, in relation to the wood sample supplied by the customer and therefore, being the exact counter-shape of the wood sample.

All the nozzles are interchangeable on each single gluing head.